The Rules

#1 You don’t talk about CLANDESTINO, except with other CLANDESTINO brothers.

#2 Don’t ever mention salad, vegan, Ducan’s diet, tofu,… at the CLANDESTINO’s table under threat of immediate expulsion.

#3 Everybody shares one table. You won’t know everyone, take a seat and share your bottle with your neighbours.

#4 If you are not fired up, stay home. CLANDESTINO is only fun.

#5 Behave, we know where you live.

#6 One bite at the time. Enjoy, breath, smell, take your time. The night is ours.

#7 Don't be late, we won't wait for you.

#8 Final Rule: From time to time, break the rules.


+ If you have an invitation code, follow me.

+ If you are already a member, please have a seat.

+ To just say hi or request a code, drop us a message.